Denver's Premier Hard Money Lender

Cardinal Financial makes many kinds of short term real estate loans secured by property in Colorado. Loan rates as low as 8% with a 1% origination fee.

Loan Costs Rates & Fees

  The minimum loan rate is 8% plus a one point origination fee. This is for a one month loan. This loan is used by wholesalers buying to immediately sell or to buyers intending to refinance immediately. We don't charge for credit reports, appraisals, processing or other non-essential loan fees.  
  Photo of a hand calcuating a private money loan  
  Because we don't charge for credit reports or for an appraisal, review fees, or other non-essential origination costs and because you pay only for the money you have borrowed and do not pay for money held for remodeling, you will save substantial money compared to most loan programs. Our Colorado customers come back to us for future lending needs because they save money and find the loan process easier.  

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