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Cardinal Financial makes many kinds of short term real estate loans secured by property in Colorado. Loan rates as low as 8% with a 1% origination fee.

Denver area hard money lender

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  We make hard money loans in Denver and throughout Colorado from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs at rates far below most other hard money lenders. Hard money is generally defined as a loan that is underwritten based only on the value of the property with no requirements or consideration of the borrowers qualifications.  
  Hard money loans in Colorado are, in most cases, very expensive and require properties to have the liquidity that would permit a lender to easily sell.  
  If we make you a loan we promise you that you will avoid much of the aggravation and cost that often goes into the loan process.  
  We have no intention of treating your application like a bank or mortgage company, evaluating tax returns and analyzing other income factors. We ask that borrowers have an acceptable credit profile. In return for this, the hard money loans that we offer in Denver and other Colorado areas are offered at far lower rates. Hard money loans can be offered with loan rates as low as 8% with a 1% origination fee. There are no processing, inspection or other non essential fees.  

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